New Year, New Town, New Blog

This new year finds our family on the other side of the country from where we were this time last year – or this time last November for that matter! We said our goodbyes to our west coast home and made the big move for new job opportunities for James and to be closer to our parents and siblings here in the southeast. We’ve been in our new town for just over a month, less than that if you subtract the time spent traveling for Christmas!

It’s a big transition for our family. A new job for James, new doctors and therapists for Calvin and Henry, a new house to make a home, and a new town to find our way around! I am happy-nervous-excited and most of all, grateful to be here.

With all these big changes going on and everything feeling new and fresh, it also felt like the right time to make the leap to a new blog: a place to share our family’s adventures with these two surprisingly special kiddos of ours.

Thanks for checking it out! I hope you’ll read more when there’s more to read, and I wish everyone a happy and fresh new year.


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