Family Life

Snow Days and Sick Days

Cold and flu season has been BRUTAL around here. Ever since November, Calvin and Henry and I have basically been taking turns ailing with one illness or another. James has gotten the occasional cold or bug, but he has managed to stay much healthier than the rest of us. I blame school. The worst was… Continue reading Snow Days and Sick Days

Family Life

Mama Needs a Time Out

Our snowy white wonderland weekend was wonderful and special. Until it wasn’t. For me, at least. On Friday, Calvin woke up so excited to see that his snow day dreams had come true and there was white all around! I remember lying in bed early in the morning and hearing him yell out, “MAMAAA!! IT… Continue reading Mama Needs a Time Out

Activity Roundup · Tot Play

Snow Day Tot Play

The forecast around here shows a “Wintry Mix” headed our way starting tonight! Snow, sleet, and freezing drizzle into the weekend. If we were talking about blended iced coffee drinks, all those words might sound appealing… but around here people kind of panic and batten down the hatches at the first mention of impending ice.… Continue reading Snow Day Tot Play