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Snow Days and Sick Days

Cold and flu season has been BRUTAL around here. Ever since November, Calvin and Henry and I have basically been taking turns ailing with one illness or another. James has gotten the occasional cold or bug, but he has managed to stay much healthier than the rest of us. I blame school.

The worst was the Virus Which Must Not Be Named: the dreaded stomach bug. Ugh. That was AWFUL. We all got it at different times, which was weird, but I suppose preferable to having more than one person in the house dealing with that particular sickness at the same time. Man. I hope that one Never Ever Comes Back EVER.

Between all the sick days and the three snow days in a row that we had to miss school due to Inclement Weather and Hazardous Roadways, it feels like we have been home a lot this past month. It’s funny because it has felt a bit like this time last year when I was a SAHM cooking up Tot School activities and blogging about Sensory Play. Sigh. Those were the days…

No, I’m just kidding. I am happy to be teaching in a classroom again. Still, as much as I love teaching and love my students, I fully appreciated that 3-day snow break! It was nice to be cuddled up in the warm house with a snowy winter view outside the windows.


Calvin loves playing in the snow, and lucky for him James is happy to get out there in the cold and play with him. I much prefer seeing the snow from inside the warm house. But Calvin and his daddy got out there to play every day that we had snow and they had fun stomping dinosaurs around in the snow, digging through the snow with his sand toys and construction trucks, and, of course, throwing snow balls at each other.


Last year when we took the boys out into the snow, Calvin loved it and Henry hated it. We were pretty sure Henry was still not going to like the snow, but we felt obligated to at least let him give it a chance. After all, he’s a year older and it might be a whole new experience for him.


But, yeah, we were right, Henry wasn’t a big fan of the snow. He just kept whining to be picked up. He didn’t like sitting in it or walking in it or even standing in it and he showed no interest in touching it. Fair enough, Henry. I’m with you!

So Henry and I mostly stayed inside and kept the fire going.


It’s fun living in a place where we get snow and snow days and it gets cold enough to have a fire in our fireplace. I’m not much of a winter person, but I still appreciate special days like these. No snow or snow days where we lived in California!

Now I have mixed feelings about hoping for or dreading more snow this winter… It would be fun to have another surprise snow day! But we are all out of snow make-up days at school and I’d hate to lose any days from spring break!

Have you had any “inclement weather” days where you live? Do you or your kids like to get out and play in the snow? Or stay inside like Henry and me?

If you do find yourself cooped up because of cold weather, check out these post from last year with some snow day toddler activities!

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Warm Sensory Play for a Cold Day

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