Calvin, 22q Deletion

CF Clinic 2017

Craniofacial Clinic is one of Calvin’s annual check ups. He has been going to these clinics since he was just three months old, when he was first diagnosed with 22q11.21 Deletion Syndrome. We have attended CF clinics at Kaiser Oakland, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, and now at Duke Children’s Hospital. Calvin attends these… Continue reading CF Clinic 2017

Family Life

Summer High Five

It’s summerrrrrr!!! Summer is my FAVORITE y’all. Love the sun. Love the heat. Love the break from school. Love pretending to be a SAHM again even just for two months 😉 Olaf and I are on the same page about summer.   With sunscreen of course. Towards the end of the school year, when people… Continue reading Summer High Five

Family Life

Being Brave and Showing Up in 2016

At the start of each new year, starting in 2014, I have chosen a quote to represent a kind of new year’s resolution for myself and our family. I have shared these before, but here are our past quotes again: 2014:   2015: 2016: For 2016, as we started the new year in a new city… Continue reading Being Brave and Showing Up in 2016

Family Life

My Favorite Time of Day

Calvin’s evaluations last week went just fine, and this week our therapy schedule feels a lot more manageable. In fact, it’s actually not bad at all. I just had a bad week last week with being worried about the evaluations. I also realize that all last week I was staying up too late watching TV… Continue reading My Favorite Time of Day

Family Life

A Few Mishaps and a Half Marathon

I did it! I totally finished my first half marathon last Saturday!! Though I would not exactly describe it as smooth sailing, I know I gave it my best and I’m proud of myself both for training and for finishing. I crossed the finish line with my sister-in-law, Mary. And, funny story, almost nothing about race weekend… Continue reading A Few Mishaps and a Half Marathon

Family Life

Ready (or Not!) for a Race and a Road Trip

  That quote from Tina Fey was exactly what I was telling myself back in January when I signed up to run the Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon with James’ sisters. At the time, I wasn’t a total newbie to running, but I wasn’t really in good enough shape to take on half-marathon training in the amuont of… Continue reading Ready (or Not!) for a Race and a Road Trip

Family Life

Letting Go of Things Not Meant for Me

Recently I was reading a post from one of my favorite bloggers about her sweet new baby boy and about letting go of grief tied to her experiences with her older son with cerebral palsy during his infancy. And I felt a familiar pain in my chest – not in my actual physical heart, but… Continue reading Letting Go of Things Not Meant for Me

Family Life

Mama Needs a Time Out

Our snowy white wonderland weekend was wonderful and special. Until it wasn’t. For me, at least. On Friday, Calvin woke up so excited to see that his snow day dreams had come true and there was white all around! I remember lying in bed early in the morning and hearing him yell out, “MAMAAA!! IT… Continue reading Mama Needs a Time Out