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My Favorite Time of Day

Calvin’s evaluations last week went just fine, and this week our therapy schedule feels a lot more manageable. In fact, it’s actually not bad at all. I just had a bad week last week with being worried about the evaluations.

I also realize that all last week I was staying up too late watching TV with my husband, and not getting enough sleep. I was also missing out on my favorite time of day: quiet early mornings.


Is it bad if my favorite time of day does not involve my husband or children?? LOL. Sorry, not sorry! I just love getting up early, getting on my mat, getting out for a run, and enjoying a cup of coffee before I have to interact with anyone else in my family. I also use the early morning to read a daily devotion, and sometimes do a little writing or more reading if the babies manage to sleep past 7.

This is the kind of self-care that I am good at maintaining. And weeks like last week when I don’t make the effort to carve out my early morning alone time, I feel noticeably more stressed and irritable. (The kind of self-care that I am terrible at maintaining is the kind where I remember to make my own doctor and dentist appointments… gotta work on that!!)

Sometimes I feel like I would rather stay up late with James and drown my stress in Netflix and snacks, but as last week reminds me, I really do much better when I’m early to bed, early to rise.

Occasionally I see memes with quotes about parenting, especially special needs parenting and especially mothers, that say things about carrying burdens and making them look weightless… or holding back tears and being “strong” enough to say I’m fine. And when I see quotes like that being shared with the intention of inspiring mothers like me I just think, No! Seriously, no. Please, can we not glorify mother martyrdom?? If you’re carrying burdens, being willing to ask for help takes strength. And if you’re on the verge of tears, please, just let them out and let some stress out with them! Take it from me, the mom who burst into tears at the reception desk at the therapy clinic last week: letting out a few tears (or a lot of tears!) can make a huge difference. It’s ok to not be fine.  Admitting that you’re not fine can empower you to get whatever it is you need to get back to fine.

Parents, especially special needs parents, please don’t hesitate to take care of yourselves. Yes, we will make sacrifices for our children and other people in our lives. But I really believe our ability to be caregivers grows from our own spiritual, mental, and physical wellness.

be gentle with yourself

How do you take care of yourself? What makes you feel like the best version of you?



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Time of Day

  1. There’s a quote from a movie, I can’t think of which one, that says FINE stands for freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional. 😄 I have to admit I’ve said I’m FINE but in fact have been all of the aforementioned things!

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