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Ready (or Not!) for a Race and a Road Trip

  That quote from Tina Fey was exactly what I was telling myself back in January when I signed up to run the Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon with James’ sisters. At the time, I wasn’t a total newbie to running, but I wasn’t really in good enough shape to take on half-marathon training in the amuont of… Continue reading Ready (or Not!) for a Race and a Road Trip

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CalBean Birthday!

Calvin turned 4!! And I’m calling this my 22q awareness post for this month 🙂 My oldest son, Calvin, was born with 22q11.21 Deletion Syndrome – meaning that he is missing a teeny tiny section of genes on his 22nd chromosome. 22q DS is not all that uncommon, and has gone by several different names… Continue reading CalBean Birthday!

Henry, Dup15q

15 Super Special Things About my Son with Dup15q Syndrome

It’s the 15th! On the 15th of each month I try to do some kind of awareness post about Henry’s syndrome: Dup15q. It’s a rare genetic disorder characterized by an extra piece of the 15th chromosome. Here are some of my other Dup15q posts: Rare Disease Day: Get to Know 22q and Dup15q Henry’s Dup15q… Continue reading 15 Super Special Things About my Son with Dup15q Syndrome

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DMEs and HMPs

I used to work in a school where “HMP” was code for “High Maintenance Parent.” It was not a compliment. (And no, nobody ever called a parent that to their face. That I know of.) I think of being “high-maintenance” as being impatient, inflexible, and demanding. I think of HMP’s as being people who get… Continue reading DMEs and HMPs

Calvin, 22q Deletion

Memory Game Articulation Practice

The type of speech therapy that Calvin does is called articulation therapy. He needs help working on pronouncing sounds and words. His language and vocabulary seem to be pretty on track for his age. He talks in full sentences, he carries on conversations, he can go on and on about his favorite dinosaurs… the only… Continue reading Memory Game Articulation Practice

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Take the Hard Things with the Happy Things

Somebody loved the train at the park yesterday! Henry was doing so well when we first got to the park. He watched Calvin ride the little kiddie boat ride. He was all right as we waited in the long line for the train (well, as long as Mama was holding him). And he was so happy… Continue reading Take the Hard Things with the Happy Things

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Popcorn Pear Tree Craft

When I spotted this popcorn cherry blossom tree craft from Glued to My Crafts on Twitter this week I was like, we have to do this! It fit all my craft project criteria: Easy [check]. Seasonal [check]. Developmentally appropriate for at least one of my kids [check]. Safe for Henry [check]. I already have all… Continue reading Popcorn Pear Tree Craft