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Calvin’s First Curse Word

It turns out I actually have a worse potty mouth now that I am a parent than I did pre-kids. Go figure.

I was folding and putting away laundry a couple of weeks ago and Henry was napping and Calvin was hovering, buzzing around me like a little bee chattering silly things and jumping on the bed into the piles of clean laundry. Charming. And I was letting him because I just wanted to get the laundry put away as quickly as possible.

As I was folding a *very new* *very cute* *very special* pair of dark purple Gap jeans (cute purple, OK? not like Barney purple. Let’s call it Cabernet.) I was folding my very new, very cute, very special pair of Cabernet Gap jeans and I spied a little rip in the back of one of the legs! And I said, “God DAMN it!!!”

And then I heard, “ODD MAMM IT!”

And I was like, oh shit, but luckliy I didn’t say that one out loud. I just said, “Calvin don’t say that. Those aren’t nice words. I’m sorry I said it.”

I thought to myself, wow we made it a long time before we had to worry about him repeating bad language!  I remember when Calvin was a baby, the age when typically-developing babies start to babble and imitate sounds, and we tried and tried so hard to encourage him to imitate us! It wasn’t until he was 2 years old that he would finally repeat syllables when asked to, but he still didn’t parrot things on his own until… well until now, I guess!

I can’t help laughing about the whole thing because it was so funny and cute how he said it (and I personally think cursing is really funny anyway), and because of how long we waited and worked for him to be able to imitate speech! And to say whole phrases and sentences! So, hey, we made it and we get to join the ranks of parents with a funny “baby’s first curse word” story. I’ll take it, damn it!


4 thoughts on “Calvin’s First Curse Word

  1. Yay! Congratulations. Go Calvin! Love, love, love this post Diana. This post made me smile and i’m so happy for you…and, to be honest, it grabbed at my heart a little too. I long to hear Hannah say something. I’ve pledged that if Hannah ever says a word – even if it’s an expletive – we’re having a party and a cake…with ‘the word’ (no matter what it is) iced on the top. x
    p.s. I also have a potty mouth!

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  2. Sometimes it’s scary to realize how closely our kids watch and imitate everything we say and do. Thanks for adding your post to’s Tuesday special needs link up.


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