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Spring Things


Happy Easter and Happy Spring from Calvin and Henry!

We had a rainy Easter weekend, so the boys put on their rain coats and boots for their egg hunt. Henry can’t actually walk very well in his boots, so we hid his eggs up on the porch where it was dry. I can’t get over this pic of the two of them! Mostly I can’t believe they sat still and both looked at the camera, but I also can’t believe how big they are getting!! Not babies anymore!

We’re new to North Carolina and we’re enjoying the new feel of the seasons compared to our home in California. We had snow in the winter, and now we’re seeing really clear signs of spring! With the warmer weather, the boys and I have been spending more time playing outside and it is so fun to see Calvin noticing all the new spring things popping up: birds and flowers and bugs everywhere!


A few weeks ago, when we were first seeing signs of spring, we did a little scavenger hunt! I made the checklist, and Calvin checked off each item as we spied them in our front yard.


For a little cutting practice on a different day, I let Calvin take his scissors to the lawn! He LOVED this. Come to think of it, we should do it again! We collected his trimmings into a kind of lawn sensory bin and then we turned the pieces into some nature art!


Meanwhile, Henry helped by pulling up grass and clover with his little hands and I buzzed around between the two making sure Calvin wasn’t going to cut himself and Henry wasn’t going to eat the grass! #neveradullmoment


On rainy days we’ve been bringing our spring play indoors. Here’s our little spring play dough garden filled with lots of giant bugs. This inspired a conversation about how caterpillars turn into butterflies, which led to a butterfly art project that I’m saving for my next post!

We’ve been seeing lots of bugs and birds out in our yard, and even some frogs!


Calvin caught this teeny tiny frog in our friends’ backyard! He was so gentle with it, I couldn’t believe it. I would have been too nervous to pick it up! Also, check out Mr. Cool in his shades. Whenever it’s sunny he’s like, “I need my SUUUUN GLASSES!” 😀

I am loving this warmer weather and feeling inspired by spring! Any signs of spring where you live?



5 thoughts on “Spring Things

  1. What a sweet picture of your boys. I know exactly what you mean when you say you can’t believe that they sat still and looked at the camera. That’s the story of my life with our girls. You’ve shared some great ideas that I’ll have to try with our girls. Really enjoyed this post!

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