Calvin, 22q Deletion

Spread the Word about 22q!

Today we are off to the 22q at the Zoo event at our local(ish) zoo. 22q at the Zoo happens every year on May 22 as a chance for 22q families around the world to get together with their 22q neighbors to socialize and raise awareness. Find us on Instagram to see what we’re up to! We’ve never been to one of these events before and it’s also our first time at the North Carolina Zoo, so we’re super excited! (And I’m trying to prepare myself not to compare it to the San Francisco Zoo… sniff! sniff!)

22q del heart

Back in March another 22q mama left a comment here on Surprisingly Special to share the link to a PSA video about 22q made by her daughter to earn her Gold Award in Girl Scouts. It’s a great video. Lots of facts about 22q plus personal stories from two young women with 22q deletion syndrome and their parents, teachers and peers.

Check out the video here:

Here are some quick facts about 22q Deletion Syndrome:



For more, check out

The International 22q11.21 Foundation and The 22q Family Foundation.

For more about my son Calvin and his experience with 22q, check out the Calvin & 22q page.

And spread the word!! 22q deletion syndrome is not as rare as you might think. Let’s help teachers and doctors and therapists (and friends and family and neighbors :)) learn more about 22q!


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