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Everybody’s Going to School

I’m not wishing the summer away – Not at all!! In fact, I am cherishing every moment of it because some big things are going to be changing around here come August!

I’ve had IEP meetings for both boys this past month, and now I can share for sure that both boys will be attending school this coming year. Calvin will be in a public Pre-K class full time and he will be getting speech therapy and occupational therapy at school. Henry will attend a public preschool in a small class just for kids with special needs, 3 days a week. At school Henry will have occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy.

AND, I am going back to school too!! Not as a student, I’m going back to teaching. In fact, Calvin will attend Pre-K at the elementary school where I will be teaching 1st grade.


I mean, YAAAAAY!!!

All the big feelings. I’m excited and anxious and nervous and terrified and grateful.

And in disbelief. I mean, Henry??? Is going to school???  Like some kind of big kid??? WHAT??? I keep looking at him and wondering when did my little baby Henry become such a big boy?!

 And what about ME? I’m going to be an actual teacher again! I’m a little sad to be giving up my gig as a stay-at-home-parent. And at first I was more terrified than excited about going back to teaching, but I’ve had enough time to swing the other way so I’m glad to say that I’m more excited than terrified. And I’m so glad that Calvin will be at the same school with me.

So these are my last weeks as a stay-at-home-parent, but a big perk of being a school teacher is that I’ll get to be a SAHP again every summer! There’s more to be done to get ready for the coming school year… arranging childcare for Henry on the days he’s not in school, getting my classroom ready, and new teacher orientation stuff… but as much as I can I want to savor the month of July and enjoy this time of being home with the boys while I’ve got it.

It’ll be a big year for us all. Changes are good. Chances to grow. Wish us luck!


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