Family Life

Beach Boys

I don’t even want to say it, but summer is nearing its end, sniff! sniff! But before I start writing about the coming school year (I’ll think about that tomorrow…), let’s re-live our beach camping trip! Yay!



Look at that grin on Henry! He LOVED it. As my friend Leslie said recently, “Nothing sucks at the beach!!” Calvin, of course, LOVED it too. I barely have any pics to share of Calvin because he was always off with his cousins, covered in sand, digging holes and building drip castles or out in the water with his dad. And when I did pull him aside to try and get a pic of him, this is the best I could get because he was wild to get back to some very important drip castle business!


We met up with three of James’ siblings and their kids for a big family camping trip by the beach in South Carolina. We had seven adults and eleven kids in all. I love spending time with our nieces and nephews! They are such awesome kids and they love Henry and Calvin to pieces. Calvin just disappears into the cousin herd and has a blast.

It was Calvin and Henry’s first trip to the Atlantic ocean! Which made me a little nostalgic for our beach picnics on the west coast. I do miss California! But I can’t deny how nice it was to have warm water and gentle waves for the babies to play in. And Henry had so much fun in the surf and the sand! Apparently the beach is a dream for my little sensory-seeker!


Camping is always a lot of work, but at least we had many hands to get things done. The one big thing I wish had been different was that our campsite was not actually on the beach. We were in another part of the campground and we were in a hike-in site which meant that we had to drive to and from the beach, and walk down a trail to get in and out of our site. Hike-in sites are nice because they’re more private and scenic, but with Henry – who cannot yet walk himself up and down the trail and must be carried, but is not as small and light as he used to be! – it was just extra exhausting. I was totally over it with our hike-in campsite by the third day of camping. Next time, we need to book earlier and get a beach campsite!


This is the beach where James and his brothers and sisters used to go for family trips when they were kids. They were all really happy to get to share it with their own kids and it made me thankful to be here on the east coast where we can do things like this with James’ family.


I’m glad we got to do a beach trip this summer. It’s been a fun summer and a nice transition from my stay-at-home-mom life to my back-in-the-classroom life. School will be starting soon enough! More on that later. For now, wasn’t it a nice trip to the beach? Yes! It was.


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