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School Days Update

Hello long-lost blog readers! It has been hard to make time to write lately, but I’m happy to say that things are going well for me and the boys in school and that we’ve been having lots of #funwiththefam on the weekends.

Henry ended up adjusting to school quickly after that first rough day and his teacher says he’s doing fine and that he seems happy at school. Same for the bus – Henry’s morning bus picks him up at the house and there is a bus assistant, a second adult in addition to the driver, who helps him on and buckles him into his safety seat. I have spoken with her on the phone and she says that Henry is always happy on the bus ride and never cries or fusses. She said how sweet he is and that she will take good care of him. In the afternoons on school days, Henry’s nanny helps him out of the van that drops him off and she says he is always in a good mood and sometimes he doesn’t even want to get out of the van! Our nanny continues to be awesome at caring for Henry and helping us keep up with laundry and cleaning. (Seriously, she is a livesaver!)

The only issue we have had with Henry and school is that he has been sent home a few times for um… let’s say… “diapering issues” to keep from giving TMI. There’s a school policy in place that has to do with the possibility that a kid might have a stomach virus, but Henry was getting sent home when he wasn’t sick. So we took him to the pediatrician to talk about it, and she sent a note to the school indicating that Henry’s, um, “diaper issues” were normal for his digestive system and outlining what things would indicate that he might have a virus. So… hopefully that will take care of that!

Calvin still enjoys school and he loves his teachers. He gets dragged to faculty meetings with me, but he’s generally a good sport about it and thankfully so are my coworkers! All the teachers at our school love Calvin, but he gets shy of all the attention. He is making great progress with his new speech therapist, particularly with his /b/ sounds. She sent me a sweet video of him saying “ball” really well! I will post it if I can manage to crop the other students out of the picture.

Teaching is exhausting, but with help from James and our nanny I am surviving! One of the best decisions we recently made was for James and I to alternate nights to cook dinner. Such a great idea because James is a better cook than I am! And I’ve been taking care of myself by going to bed early and going to yoga classes. For the most part.

I’ve got some catching-up to do on the blog, but I wanted to start with a quick update. So expect a couple more posts to come… hopefully before too long! 🙂 I am better at keeping up on Instagram and the Facebook page (sorta), so feel free to follow us there!




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