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Camp Granny and Danpa

Last week James and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!


Ten years ago on 07/07/07, we exchanged vows in my home church in Georgia and the next day we were off on our honeymoon to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with a Hobie catamaran, borrowed from the GA Tech sailing club, in tow. To celebrate our ten years of adventures (so far!), we decided to kind of re-create our Outer Banks honeymoon, especially since we live in North Carolina now!


We didn’t have a sailboat to borrow and bring with us this time, but we did rent one for an afternoon sail – a Hobie cat, very similar to the one we’d sailed during our honeymoon 🙂 We spent our child-free week enjoying the sun and the water and just enjoying a break from work and responsibility and parenting! We did miss the kids, but we knew they were in very capable hands and having tons of fun at what we called “Camp Granny and Danpa!”


My mom and dad came up and stayed in our house with the boys for the week because it’s easier to take care of them in their natural habitat 😉 I know Granny and Danpa were probably exhausted at the end of each day – and especially at the end of the week! – and James and I are SO grateful to them for giving their time and energy to take care of the boys. I’m also really happy that the boys got to spend so much time with them. I think that was really nice for Calvin and Henry.

Granny and Danpa went all out to keep the boys happy and busy! Trips to the museum and other play spaces, lots of water play at the museum and in our backyard, and of course, sparklers for the 4th of July!

Playing in the stream at the science museum
Henry loves these misty meadows at the science museum
Thanks for the push, Danpa!
Happy 4th of July!

Granny and Danpa, YOU GUYS ARE THE BESTEST!!!



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